सोमवार, 18 मार्च 2013

Its because of few people like you Madam, You!

Today, I was standing in Metro, Metro was neither crowded nor empty but crowed enough. Suddenly a Women (again decently looking, looked from Middle/upper middle class) took the train, did some Dhakka Mukki and ordered (atleast her tone sounded like order) one guy who was sitting: ‘Bhaisahab aap jara khade ho jaie’ (Sir Please stand up) (certainly there can be better way of asking favors) , That seat certainly was not Ladies Seat, Not a Ladies Compartment. Delhi Metro has both. But she had chosen to stay with her husband. Anyone from Mumbai like me can understand how couple travel in different compartment. Coming back to main story, that guy just being gentleman (or atleast pretending to be) stood and gave his seat. Either he was gentleman, pretended it, under stress by recent law changed or was too influenced by advertisement of Metro which say ‘Please offer seat to Old age people, differently able people and Ladies.’ Anyways that lady who was not in more need of seat, took her seat. That was not all, In next station person adjacent to her alighted the train. She reacted like Thundering Bolt and called her husband in the empty seat, so that the person who left seat for her couldn't sit back. Husband must get the seat as he as married a women who is empowered. And then she passed a devil smile of accomplishment and started chit chatting with her husband.

I agree that women need empowerment and most of them are experiencing lot of disparity and differentiation at home as well as outside. But that doesn't mean you start doing anything in name of empowerment, mostly these are people who take undue advantage of any facility and make others suffer. I understand equality doesn't mean equal trouble, I can understand a Pregnant or even a 40+ women asking a seat. But as a young individual what made you ask a seat, you can’t take privilege of being a Lady and Ask for Equality at same time.  While MCPs (read Average NCR Male) certainly needs to change their behavior, Women too need to stop Self Victimization! Its High time we respect and live with pride instead of making fool!

Its because of few people like you Madam, You !

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