रविवार, 17 मार्च 2013

Challenges Ahead in front of Bihar

Delhi Haat is organizing Bihar Utsav! I went there. To be honest, Having Litti Chhokha was primary objective of going there. I reached at 7 PM and Cultural program was going on. While Most of that was very very good and One covering Bihar History and Culture was superb, I would not be ashamed to admit the song "kanch he basen ke bahengia" the famous Chhath Geet almost made my eye moist, Despite being in a language different than my mother tongue. Overall the Bihar utsav was good.
But what shocked me was something else, Singers were singing songs on Sushashan (Good Governance) of Nitish, Please make Nitish PM , They were to level of obscenity/vulgarity prevalent in so called Bhojpuri Music present is market which are Far Far from a typical folk Music or Bhikhari Thakur’s Creation. The overstress on Nitish and he should be PM was totally uncalled for and looks like Frustration and Greed /overdoing from Bihar Government who want to go to level 2 without completing Level 1.

There is lot more to do :
1. Bihar still has lowest literacy rate in India
2. One of the lowest per Capita Income
3. One of the lowest Energy Consumption
4. Alarming High Population Density, Even an average educated people like me can deduce this to Low Education and Social Awareness.
5. Almost No/negligible Industry
6. No Corn Industry coming to Bihar Despite being one of the best Corn Belt
7. Dead Sugar Industry despite being Sugar belt (Maharashtra and UP doing good)
8. One of the most fertile Land, most of Bihar is part of the Ganga (Ganges for Purist) Basin; Industries which are based on Value addition on agricultural product are almost absent.
9. Despite Having Bodhgaya, (where Gautam got enlightenment), Gaya (Hindu’s Holy place for doing Pinddaan for Ancestor, Patna Saheb (one of the top 5 holy place for Sikh), Birthplace of Gurugovind Singh, Buddha, Bhagwan Mahavir, The First Democracy of Vaishali, Ganga Bank, Many Famous Old Shivlings like Devghar and Guptadham, Nalanda University and Many other things about Mauryan Dynasty, Many Things Associated with Ashok and Chanakya. : Bihar Tourism is almost doing nothing, All Non Bihari Traveled to Gaya still complains about Standard of facilities present their, Patna is yet to have a good Quality Hotel. Still a lot of Scope is there to improve Bihar.
10. Bihar might be having 4th largest lot in GATE Qualifiers as repeated by you recently, but most Biharis still goes to Southern State and Maharashtra, paying Huge Fees to take admission in private College which hardly have any value addition and/or Placements. Reason: Development has been their but at much lesser speed to catch demand, inadequate number of higher education colleges.
11. Teachers are working on Temp Job and Salary near to minimum wages, we can expect Quality of education, and this generation is going to be your future after few years.
12. Distributing cycle to girls is good , But whats the plan to control Female foeticide, Infant Female Homicide and Dowry.
13. I am not sure if you Mr. CM claims not to know it, But even Layman can know by visiting Bihar for 1 day that NO FARMER IS GETTING MSP (minimum Support price). Days are not far when farmers of state which is heavily dependent on agriculture will meet fate of Cotton farmers of Vidarbha.
14. The Contracts for all Govt work are still going at lower rate (where quality work is not possible) . Plus these contracts are going to people favored by Ministers and Goons, No Need to repeat about commission and Cut of Entire Chain of people. These unethical practices will become hindrance in development.

Development doesn’t need to be shouted. Silent people with OK eyes can see. No one is deaf and blind here so please stop shouting. It’s very Easy to put everything on central Govt and ask for Special Status, I support you , but what about other problems, when they will get resolved. I can list many more but restricting myself.

Having Said That, I am not saying Laloo Regime was better; not at all, But You are Better Than Laloo, Thats a Huge Achievement by any standard, But we want you to be GOOD too!

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