सोमवार, 17 दिसंबर 2012

Ten Commandments of SC/ST bills

Ten Commandments of SC/ST bills in future:

1) Any SC/ST Person can do Engineering in 3 years. They will also get complimentary M.Tech/MBA degree (of thier choice) on completion of Engineering.

2) Any SC/ST Person can do Shaadi in 5 Pheras only and give birth to child in 7 Months.

3) Any SC/ST Person can become doctor by signing a contract and taking an oath that he will never treat a politician or his/her family member.

4) If in aTrain if TTE is SC/ST, people have to go to his seat for checking thier ticket. Those who don’t go to him within one hour will be considered without ticket and their seats will be allocated to waitlisted SC/ST passenger if any, otherwise TTE can Auction those seat and keep money.

5) Any SC/ST pilot can run plane on Autopilot and ask his junior general category co pilot for takeoff and landing.

6) Any SC/ST Person serving in Army will wear Blue Color 'Jai Bheem' jacket and will have Dudh Bhaat, India will sign treaty with Pak not to shoot SC ST person. if SC/ST person shoot his own person, he will still be recommended for Bravery Awards. however if he kills any SC/ST person, he will be treated from General Categories and will face court martial.

7) Any SC/ST person will get Senior Citizenship status at age of 40 as a promotion. General Categories of 60+ people need to vacate seat for 40 Year old SC/ST category person in public transport.

8) Any SC/ST Businessman choose to defaults, his dues will be paid by Govt

9) No General Category Person is authorized to do Appraisal of his SC/ST Junior. SC/ST person Appraisal can be done by another senior SC/ST guy only. If there is no Senior SC/ST person available, he is authorize to do Self Appraisal, where he can recommend himself to be boss of his current General Category Boss.

10) If SC/ST person choose to be a Terrorist, 4 Bomb Blast and Killing of 30 General Man will be allowed to him, but if he kills a single SC/ST Person even by mistake , he will treated as General Category Terrorist.

* All these facilities are only for those whose forefathers have taken SC/ST facilities. if No one in your family have taken any reservation facilities, you will be treated as Non Creamy layer Economically Backward General Category only.
 (Please note that this is pure satirical take on govt policy on reservation, Author is against any reservation and has nothing against any particular Caste or section of society. Author in fact is against any form of discrimination based on caste,  reservation is one of tool for executing discrimination, copy or reproduction either in full or part without written permission of Author is not allowed, copyright reserved with author)

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