गुरुवार, 8 अगस्त 2013

Deeply Rooted Corruption!

10 year back, when I was doing last year of my graduation, there was guest lecture from a distinguish alumnus (Head Heavy Engg Division of L&T.) Discussion started from high quality maintained by L&T and proud contribution of L&T in Defense and Classified Projects of India, and then it went to public procurement and distribution system and corruption.

He asked, "Gentleman do you know why do most of the roads break within year"

I raised my hand and answered "Sir because they made as per that quality of conformance so that Contractors can do same job next year" (I remember I was regretting answering this later for some time as I had stated a fact known by many stated by few, but then that is how I have always been, so I stand by my opinion even today)

He smiled and said "you are right." (I am not sure he was aware till then that I was one of the 4 sitting in that room selected by L&T). He continued the corruption is so much inside the genes that its very difficult to work in Govt System unless you are doing something which not everyone can do: higher end of technology project.

Coming back to Roads: Its not contractors mistake, in simple bidding process, (Except technically challenging higher end projects) most of the time a major chunk of money is spend by contractor in bagging the projects itself then Its impossible for anyone to complete the job honestly in remaining resources and money. so they end up spending some more money in bribing the quality inspectors too. They also want to get the opportunity year after year at cost of Tax payer money.

On similar lines Politics is very costly today, An average MP/MLA aspirant spend Multiple folds of his 5 year salary money in 1 elections (regardless of result guarantee, so see his expenditure as high risk investment and speculate returns on similar grounds). If his/her Credibility is high, then there are sponsors, who do spend money of him/her, like they put in horse in race course (road?). (s)He has to get his/her money back, and also return money to his/her sponsors, only choice is Very Large Scale Corruption. (VLSC)

Who is responsible for this, We (aam admi) all are deaf in audible decibel zone, we are used to listening loud propaganda only: which need free flow of money. Everything need to funded, funded by our own money. Most of the money given to Political parties below 20K is nothing but Money stolen from Govt Projects by means of corruption. Then we are also guilty of double standard of ideologies, all honest people are considered fools, because as per us they missed the opportunity or lacked abilities to Loot. but we want to portray honest.

Till the time we don't find way to control the seen and unseen cost of elections and propaganda and reduce number of activities of non governance nature administered by government currently, it will be impossible to eradicate corruption which is deeply rooted into our DNA!

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