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Yes history repeat itself.. but this time it was not Bombay of 93 … but Historical Mecca Mosque of Hyderabad City. Yes I am talking about the afternoon of 18th May 2007, when bomb blast has taken place in H’bad. What could be the reason of doing bomb blast in a mosque on Friday afternoon. The Motive is very clear ..Hit when Iron is hot..all people do salah(Namaz) at that time in mosque. Every one understand that this is one time in week when even a atheist enter Mosque for Saleh. I know I am using little tougher Urdu words but that is very much necessary for me to enter into the soul of story.

Who could be culprit….This question comes and we all loose our intelligence and start blaming each other and sometimes we also try to justify it.

Terrorist siting In POK will say its Jehad. They Describe “Jehad” as Sixth Pillar of Islam. But from where this funda of six pillar has come…as far as I understand Islam has 5 pillars … Shahadah (Allah is one) , salah (ritual prayer or Namaj), Zakah (Help Poor), Swam (Holy Fasting during Ramadan) and Hajj. Then where is question of 6th pillar. Even If I accept the funda of Sixth pillar as Jehad…..how you can termed these Violence as Jehad…I mean can a sensible guy can correlate these violence with the other 5 peace loving pillars. The Answer is big No.

Again I am just trying to explain that no religion can give permission of this. One more fact is I am too small to access or question the fundamentals of any religion nor I am big enough to give a clean chit…as they are much more “PAK” than me. After giving a brief background let come back to the topic of Black Friday. It can definitely be termed as one of the trial to disturb the law and order in India.

One more Interesting aspect is Why Hyderabad….if you know a even bit of modern history you can very well tell that after J&K, Hyderabad state had shown maximum resistance in become part of India. And It is so unfortunate that after showing so much of patriotism for more than 6 decades by Hyderabadi… Terrorist still consider them as Soft targets. It’s very critical time but we will show them we are one, one is our country so is our God.

We need to show them we are neither confused nor can be misleaded by what happened.

Have you thought about another aspect of it? What Police did after the incident? I will prefer to keep quite at least for the moment on that issue. But that doesn’t mean that was justified, some day I will write about that too.

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Paresh Masade ने कहा…

hello sandeep bhai,

its great to see ur post... the reason for planing a bomb in a mosque was purely to disrupt communal harmony... and i feel the police were able to take control of the situation, and able to stop the riots... which otherwise could have be as in Gujrat.

Hyd though has a large number of muslim population and the situation in old city used to be tense most of the times, but the things have changed now.. people in Hyderabad are more frndly, and soon after the bomb blast many local leaders had rounds in to the colonies urging people not to disrupt the harmony... They exhibited the true spirit...

we won the battle... but unfortunately lost a few people. :)

keep posting! I came to know many things about islam... which i was ignorant.