गुरुवार, 12 अप्रैल 2007

At last I am here too

I have read blog of many people, of ones whom I know and ones whom I don’t know. Some were average and some were excellent. But to be frank none of them actually inspired me to start of my own.

Infact you can consider me as one those people who hates writing and willing to do anything (yes I mean it..anything) to avoid writing. I have never written a single essay in Hindi or English (forget about Sanskrit) paper during my schooling. This was one of the reason why I did not applied to US universities as GRE or GMAT ask for Essay writing.

Then why is today different from any other day of my life till now. Believe me I am equally Surprise too. Its start from my diary when one fine day I checked my Diary and realized that what I wrote in it, is much less worse (Read Better, Though I won’t prefer to use) than to be shared.

When I am writing a blog, am I integrating my internal thought process with what happening in the world? And if I am, whether it is Seamless one or not. Anyways I am Assuring you I will never use even a single Management Jargon in my entire series of blogs and even If I am using is then you should came to know that at that time I have acquired enough exposure to understand the real and deep meaning of that particular JARGON. Yeah you guessed it right it is one of the ways of not accepting my mistakes……

People consider Blog as a medium to share his/her thoughts or Express them. But my question to all those individuals is what if a person doesn’t want to share his/her thought process. Can’t he/she write blog? Answer is they can.
Writing a blog will have following objectives or aftereffects
1) It will improve your writing ability.
2) It will clear the waste thought/ frustration of your mind.
3) It may help your friends and all those who cares to read in getting there frustration out or atleast to pass time (TP) if not anything else.

Then some of you must be wondering I have written so much of waste but still to give my Introduction. Reason is very simple, I have read somewhere the every great blogger give there intro in his second or third blog. I am not sure about how good blogger I will be, but I thought atleast I can follow the Best Practices( Another Jargon but now I have deep understanding of this) of industry to reach a respectable position if not the top.

So friends I will be back with my introduction and many more stories in next few blogs. byebye till then……

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Abhishek ने कहा…
इस टिप्पणी को लेखक द्वारा हटा दिया गया है.
Abhishek ने कहा…


Much better than I expected :)Still, scope to improve on Grammar and syntax. (Sorry, am being blunt)

Hope to see more regular writeups.

madhukar ने कहा…

oh its great bro.. Hats off..
Although securing 77%,i cant write like u ,because writing needs ability to express yourself and u ve got it man.
Hey good luck for MBA...
M sure u ll be a better manager than a mechanical engineer ;)
with best regards:
Madhukar Anand
99 bath jain school
(computer engineer)