मंगलवार, 25 फ़रवरी 2014

First Experience of Politics

First Experience of Politics:-

As a 6 year old, Traveling to rural areas on BJP Election Campaigning Jeep and chanting on Mike & Loud Speaker "जहाँ भी देखे कमल छाप वही लगावे मोहर आप" during 1990 Bihar Assembly election. If I recall correctly, Candidate name was Jaya Jain. 

First Political Rally Alone:-

Next year 1991 LS Polls, Despite restriction from family not to go alone to attend speeches, as they feared stampede may happen. Being Stubborn I used to be, went to hear Rajiv Gandhi without letting anyone know. (I doubt anyone knows till date, unless someone care to read this). As, disappointing Indians is habit of first family, Mr. Ex PM didn't turned up. after 4-5 hour of fake assurance (which congress leaders are expert in giving) they finally accepted he is not coming when it was dark enough. To be honest, as a small town child I was more interested in seeing the chopper but denied. This was only few days before 21st May 1991. few years later Attended one where I met LK Advani, when he reached Arrah on his Rath at 10 PM. Thankfully 10 PM rule was not there at that time.

First Vote:-

Having missed 2004 LS elections due to being minor before enrollment cutoff date despite being officially 18 on election day, (Thankfully nowadays voting registration is much easier) My first Opportunity came during 2005 Maharashtra assembly election. Voting at 7.33 AM as very first voter (start time that time 7.30 AM) just before catching L&T bus, as that day we had customer visit and it was difficult to return by 5 PM. Gajanan Kirtikar from Shivsena was candidate and then MLA.

With 24 Years I can call myself a Proud veteran BJP Supporter.

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