गुरुवार, 5 सितंबर 2013

A dream to become class monitor

I was in Standard 1, I was simply amused by power of class monitor and wanted to exercise those powers. but then I was youngest in class, atleast 1 year younger than second youngest kid.....  Those days that was clearly seen from my structure ....there were no chance I could have been chosen for that coveted job by election or selection.

but then I was still a kid and I wanted to lead and Lead at any cost, hardly exposed to education which mild characteristics of my 'Rajputana' blood. Though my family never taught me this, but than surrounding does affect too, Caste-ism and Varna system were deeply rooted in me by then. (thanks to further education now its not). Compromise is virtue of cowards. I was 5, young and petite, almost all door closed, but born in land of Chanyakya and Kunwar Singh, I had learned to be satisfied to be mediocre. If 80 Year old can do why can't 5 year old young. Politics and Bravery were there in our soil and soul. 

I planned, I choose two teachers whom I had never seen talking to each other, Lets Call Miss A and Miss B. So I declared Myself self proclaimed Monitor. I was questioned by student, I told them I have been made monitor by Teachers. They were never trained to question teacher's decision even if they feel they are right. They told them thinking that is their only duty to inform. Rest everything will be taken care by system. I told Miss A that Miss B has made me monitor and Miss B that it Miss A and one of the names to other teacher. I was on my toes every second to defend my position and powers, I manipulated like a politician leading a govt of collisions and survived entire year.

Roaming in School during breaks pretending I am doing some work, allowing and controlling other to go for their break and letting them depend on me. Taking Cynical pleasure of listening "May I come in Monitor" when teachers were not there and giving them a look that they taken more time than normal to make them feel the guilt.

There were times I was almost caught, but I argued confidently, I was confident, they were in Late 20s and early 30s full of forgetfulness and lot of other tension. while my plan were pure: I wanted to have Power, Sheer Power as per my imagination depending on my awareness till then. I had what I wanted to have.

My conscience were not dead. I knew my plans will not hurt anyone, I had stories of Aurangzeb and Ashok. When you are not in default heir of something you want you need to make it happen. But then I was not going to kill someone like them. I was just taking people's ignorance and disinterest in many things for granted. A calculative risk to accomplish my dream. I was honest enough to confess the entire plan after that year. They were furious, but I was kid a Juvenile kid, They selectively ignored this, may be because I was too young, may be because they didn't wanted to accept that they were trolled by a young kid.

I never did this again in life. I did become monitor by both selection, election and by also by consensus again when I deserved.

May be I deserved in standard 1 too. because I had guts to plan things, take risks and execute them to realize my dreams, I wish I continue to do so.

PS: This can be a work of fiction or reality. I don't subscribe to all the view of narrator in the write up.

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