सोमवार, 26 मार्च 2012

The pain of farmers

The service sector is growing fast and has sustained the growth, Industrial sector too has been mix but been growing if we take avg for years, Industrial sector and Service sector's combine share in GDP is continuously surging. In another words, the GDP Share of agriculture is dooming. But another truth is the absolute value is still increasing. 72 % of population still lives in village, and most... of them are still dependent on farming as their main profession. While parliament is passing so many bills every year, Is there anyone caring how many are getting implemented. Even now Govt is talking big about Food Securities Bills and all on paper, We are failing to ensure that farmers get the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their crops. Farming has become a profession where all your input are uncertain (labor becoming costlier, risk of rain, flood , drought and other natural and man made calamities) and output is certain and becoming less lucrative year by year. You can compare this with an those big players of share markets who give options derivative where he take risk for small commission. We must realize farmers are not professional people who can take these risky calls, there risk need to mitigated by govt. Govt is about helping the people who need it and managing function those are most critical processes of country. why can't we follow model of much younger Bangladesh in micro finance. Plenty of middle man are working like leech and eating entire system specially the most vulnerable section of society. Till the time people will take commission in loan approval process, loans will never reach the actual needy and the number of bad debt will keep increasing so will interest rate. We all are tired and we want to end this by adding one more unimplemented bill in this list.

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